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Dashboard Companion, dash cams have gained in popularity recently in part because of jaw-dropping viral videos of stunt driving and stunning weather activity, like a gorgeous sunset or menacing tornado. While the price may be a steeper the higher the resolution, you will never be disappointed when you opt for full HD dash cams. Pros: There is a wide field of view at 170 degrees to capture more images without impacting the video quality. When the limit is reached, loop recording kicks in and removes old footage. With this dash cam, you can begin the recording once you turn the ignition on, which takes the stress out in having to look for the on or off button. Together, the cameras that make the chicom dash cam can record at a super wide 310 degree angle. . If you wish to record videos at night, you may do so because of the WDR and 6 layers of glass lens. In addition, it may be worth considering a camera with a cycle or continuous looping function. This compactly designed, sophisticated mini action camera is known for stunning, high quality HD recording comparable with that of larger models available on the market.


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The Rove R2-4K, dash, cam is a camera that has slowly crawled into the top 10 best dash cams of 2019, and now its ready to become one of the best dash cam of 2019. The success behind this device is a multitude of factors that work together flawlessly. Here is our list of the.

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